Silagra Wiki Info – Read before Using

This preparation was initiated to cure erectile dysfunctions in men. It recovers the violated function of the organ and secures a natural response to sexual stimulation. The main constituent is Sildenafil citrate. It is a generic of Viagra. It has the same abilities and is as effectual as the original.

Adverse Effects

silagra order online UAE The preparation turned out to be well-tolerated by the examinees. Most likely adverse effects are – headache, flushing, dizziness, diarrhea reactions, transient visual disturbances (mainly change of color perception and increased perception of light and also blurred vision).


The contraindications to the preparation are:

  • sensitivity to the preparation;
  • simultaneous usage of nitrates in any form;
  • serious illnesses of the cardiovascular system;
  • serious renal failure;

The preparation is not indicated for children and women.


In the occasion of overdosing, you have to turn immediately for help to specialists. The advised dosage is 50 mg prior the intercourse. The dosage for examinees over 60 years and those who have kidney failure, the starting dosing must be not more than 25 mg. In case of acceptable effectuality and good tolerance, the dosage can be increased or decreased, relying on the individual peculiarities of the examinee. The maximal dosage is 100 mg per day.