Caverta – a New Brand for ED in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Caverta is a novel preparation that is aimed to help men who experience troubles with erection. This preparation is Viagra’s generic and can be found by more affordable price. Still, aside from its proven effectuality and safety, Caverta has one outstanding advantage in comparison with its famous original – it can be used by examinees with high blood pressure, due to some additional constituents. Besides, its action is even a bit longer than other generics that contain Sildenafil.


caverta order Arab Emirates Caverta’s maximal dosage is 100 mg and it should be taken about 30-60 minutes prior the intercourse. Its action lasts from 4 to 6 hours. It is advised to use it not more than once per day. The preparation completely disappears from the organism within 24 hours. In occasion of examinees older than 60, this process may take more time.

It also should be underlined that only 25 mg may already be quite enough to gain the required effect. In cases of overdosing there may occur unwanted events. Consult a specialist prior the usage of this preparation.


The preparation gets absorbed very quickly and begins to act within 30-60 minutes, depending on individual properties of the examinees. It enhances blood pressure in the pelvic organs only and has no negative impact on the overall pressure. Having strong blood inflow, examinees receive erection. And erection may occur only while natural conditions. It will not occur just after the intake of a pill.